TCP/IP Networking Model

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Hello guys and welcome back Ayush this side , in last article we learned about what is networking now we’ll start with TCP/IP Model.

What is a TCP/IP Model ?

TCP/IP Model is nothing but a networking blueprint in which all the documntation will be there how to create or setup any network where to use which devices or what protocol should be there in different layers.

Just think like a blueprint of house , when you want to construct your home then you get the whole blueprint of house and constructor works according to blueprint like what type of foundation will be there, how much space will be there between two different rooms and all things.

So this networking model is just a blueprint.

History of TCP/IP Model

First all let me tell you why TCP/IP Model came in role why blueprints came in role , so let’s start.

In the early days of 1900s many companies were creating their own model , like in 1974 IBM published its Systems Network Architecture (SNA) networking model and other vendors started publishing

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