T-Mobile customers victims of SIM Swapping

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US customers of T-Mobile have fallen victim to SIM Swapping. The telecom company does not want to say how many customers have been affected by this. However, the provider does say that employees have prevented worse by intervening quickly.

This is what you need to know about SIM Swapping

With SIM Swapping, cybercriminals manage to convince telecom companies to transfer a 06 number to another SIM card. They pose as a victim whose SIM card has been broken or stolen. For mobile internet and to be able to make calls, they ask an employee to transfer their telephone number to another SIM card, which they have purchased in advance.

Providers don’t just do this. They first try to establish the identity of the caller. To do this, they ask a number of verification questions, such as what their zip code is, or what the last three digits of their bank account are. Scammers try to collect such information in advance, for example by studying their victim’s social media or buying personal data stolen on the dark web. If the answers to the verification questions are correct, the mobile number will be activated on another SIM card.

Once the scammers take control of a phone number, they can do all sorts of nasty things with it. They can then take over your online accounts such as social media and payment services, bypass two-step verification or commit WhatsApp fraud. Every year dozens of people in our country are victims of SIM Swapping. This often makes them several thousand euros lighter.

‘Small number of customers’ suffer from SIM Swapping

In the US, T-Mobile customers have fallen victim to SIM Swapping. According to a spokesperson, this concerns ‘a small number’ of customers, BleepingComputer reports. He would not say exactly how many people are involved. He confirms that all victims have been informed that scammers have transferred their 06 number to another SIM card, or that they have seen a small number of account details.

“Unfortunately, we see unauthorized SIM Swaps across the industry. However, this issue was quickly corrected by our team using our existing security measures. We have

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