T-Mobile bans Huawei from telecom network

Huawei may no longer supply network equipment to T-Mobile Netherlands. The telecom company has chosen to work with Ericsson for the renewal of its network. It is unknown when the provider will remove the equipment from the Chinese technology company and what that will cost.

T-Mobile Netherlands announces the collaboration with Ericsson in a press statement.

Ericsson is ‘the most progressive’

“The choice was preceded by an intensive selection process,” says the telecom company. “The assessment looked at, among other things, quality, equipment performance, innovation, sustainability and of course costs. Ericsson came out on top.” The technology company from Sweden will supply network equipment for a nationwide 5G network. The current 3G and 4G networks will also be overhauled.

Ericsson has invested heavily in new network technologies in recent years, explains T-Mobile. The company has won several awards for this. For that reason, the Swedish tech company is currently “the most progressive” and meets the strict requirements set by T-Mobile.

T-Mobile wants to be among the world’s best in the field of 5G

Søren Abildgaard, CEO of T-Mobile Netherlands, says he has every confidence in Ericsson. “We have been leading in 4G for many years and we are and will remain so with 5G. In recent years we have built a globally acclaimed 4G network. It is our ambition to remain among the world leaders in the field of 5G.”

It is unknown when routers and other network equipment from Huawei will be replaced. T-Mobile also omits what this operation will cost.

The Netherlands avoids Huawei from

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