Swascan collaborates with Xerox on fixing Security Issue

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Swascan Cyber Security Team has identified at least 2 Critical vulnerabilities on what was believed to be Xerox ’s digital assets passively identified by using the Domain Threat Intelligence
(DTI) tool.

DTI – Domain Threat Intelligence – is service from Swascan’s Cyber Security Testing Cloud Suite. The service does not perform any security tests on the target and only operates on information available on the web or dark web (Osint and Closint).

In line with the industry standard procedure of Responsible Vulnerability Disclosure the findings were reported immediately to Xerox that proceeded to begin its investigation and then remediate and close all possible vulnerabilities.

Technical Details

As explained, during some passive security checks (using Swascan’s own DTI) on some well-known internet domains, Swascan’s Cyber Security Research Team detected some important vulnerabilities on two selected IP’s.

Strongly based on pure intelligence Data, the Domain Threat Intelligence provides useful information and indicators to implement better cyber defence strategies and improve the resilience of your company perimeter.


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