Suspect in cyberattack on Kaseya extradited to US

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A 22-year-old man from Ukraine has been extradited to the United States for his part in the cyberattack on Kaseya. On Wednesday, he had to answer to a judge for his actions. He is suspected of fraud, money laundering, and breaking into and causing damage to secure computers. If found guilty, the judge could sentence him to a total of 115 years in prison.

The US Department of Justice announced this in a press statement on Wednesday.

Russian hackers attack Kaseya

The attack took place in the summer of 2021 and kept people busy for months. Hackers had found a zero-day vulnerability in Kaseya’s VSA software. This is a program that customers use to remotely manage customer computer systems and servers. The vulnerability allowed the perpetrators to install ransomware and try to extort money from victims. It is estimated that this happened at 800 to 1,500 companies in 17 countries, including the Netherlands.

The Russian hacker group REvil – also known as Sodinokibi – was responsible for the attack. The group demanded $70 million in ransom to be paid in Bitcoin. The amount was never paid: Kaseya received the decryption key from an unknown party to disable the ransomware. The cyber-attack marked the definitive end of REvil .

Imprisonment of 115 years

In August 2021, law enforcement and law enforcement authorities tracked down Yaroslav Vasinskyi, a 22-year-old man from Ukraine. According to the US Department of Justice, he is responsible for the ransomware attack against Kaseya. He ensured that the ransomware got onto the networks of Kaseya customers and put files under lock and key. Only when they paid the ransom did they regain

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