Surviving a Flooded Cybersecurity Market With Product Anchoring

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When I started marketing cybersecurity products there were 2,000 different vendors in the space. I was seated across from the CEO and general manager of the world’s largest cybersecurity intelligence and education company: Information Security Media Group (ISMG), the sister company of CyberTheory. I didn’t know it at the time, but this meeting would change my life.

“Many of these products appear similar on the surface. It’s a problem for them but an opportunity for us,” said the CEO, Sanjay Karla.

He was a former chief information security officer (CISO), one of the very first in the industry. Not only had he seen and done it all for several decades but was now in the unique position to help cybersecurity vendors differentiate themselves.

I would become employee # 2 of a new division of ISMG called CyberTheory. This was my first full time role in a decade and I would be providing advisory support for cybersecurity marketers.

In the past, my work took me coast to coast as I passed through an eclectic mix of startups and established enterprises, working on newsletters for Fortune 500 IT teams, producing podcasts for self-help finance gurus, to writing advertising copy for an AI pet Chihuahua robot. Creating a unique message and position wasn’t difficult because the product differentiation was obvious.

You Can’t Fake Cybersecurity Marketing Expertise

“Cybersecurity marketing is an anomaly,” said the general manager, Mike D’Agostino. “The marketing tactics you used before may not be effective anymore. What you think will

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