Survey: NetOps is essential but undervalued in making multi-cloud decisions

By 2024, 88% of enterprises will use two or more infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers, according to research by EMA, which believes that network infrastructure and operations teams must take a leadership role in defining network architecture that ensures the performance and security of their multi-cloud digital services.

EMA recently polled a group of these enterprises, surveying 351 IT stakeholders, including 39% in network engineering, 21% in the CIO suite, 15% on cloud teams, and 11% in cybersecurity.

EMA found that networking teams and network technology have become more important in 81% of multi-cloud strategies in recent years. Unfortunately, only 24% of research participants firmly believe that their networking teams have enough influence over cloud decision-making.

Networking professionals want more influence, but everyone around them is more likely to think the network team has enough already.  In the recent survey, just 11% of network engineers believed they had enough clout, but members of cybersecurity teams are three times as likely to believe this, people who work in a CIO’s suite are four times as likely, and the IT architecture group is more than five times as likely to believe it. Why is that?

First, 31% of research participants said conflicts and collaboration issues between groups are major sources of pain for their multi-cloud networking strategies.

Communication, cooperation breakdown

A senior network architect at a university hospital system and medical school recently told EMA that trust is an issue. “It’s difficult to work with our cloud teams

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