Surfshark to be Purchased by Nord Security, Will Continue to Operate Independently

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Consolidation is nothing new in the VPN world. Today, the spotlight is on Surfshark VPN being acquired by Nord Security, which is the parent company of NordVPN.

NordVPN and Surfshark are both leading VPN services. For years, we have noted the similarities between these VPNs, particularly with regards to features and performance. Looking forward, it does not appear that much will change, especially since Surfshark will continue to operate independently.

In a joint press release today, the founder of each VPN provided comments on the decision to merge under the Nord Security umbrella:

The increasing complexity of cybersecurity and digital privacy is a growing challenge worldwide. We believe that this industry requires radical simplification and ease of access, both for consumers and businesses. Together, Nord Security and Surfshark create the largest internet security powerhouse in the market, ready to bring advanced solutions for customers.

-Tom Okman, co-founder of Nord Security

Consolidations in the global consumer cybersecurity market indicate the industry’s maturity. They also bring new competitive challenges. Nord Security and Surfshark joining forces will set the ground to scale in different digital security dimensions, which is necessary to meet the growing requirements of our customers.

– Vytautas Kaziukonis, founder of Surfshark

The press release provided to RestorePrivacy offered a few additional details on what the future looks like.

The idea behind the deal is to streamline resources towards common goals while preserving the autonomy of both companies. Founders highlight that this strategic business move will serve as a springboard towards

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