SubCrawl – A Modular Framework For Discovering Open Directories, Identifying Unique Content Through Signatures And Organizing The Data With Optional Output Modules, Such As MISP

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SubCrawl is a framework developed by Patrick Schläpfer, Josh Stroschein and Alex Holland of HP Inc’s Threat Research team. SubCrawl is designed to find, scan and analyze open directories. The framework is modular, consisting of four components: input modules, processing modules, output modules and the core crawling engine. URLs are the primary input values, which the framework parses and adds to a queuing system before crawling them. The parsing of the URLs is an important first step, as this takes a submitted URL and generates additional URLs to be crawled by removing sub-directories, one at a time until none remain. This process ensures a more complete scan attempt of a web server and can lead to the discovery of additional content. Notably, SubCrawl does not use a brute-force method for discovering URLs. All the content scanned comes from the input URLs, the process of parsing the URL and discovery during crawling. When an open directory is discovered, the crawling engine extracts links from the directory

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