Stop worrying that crims could break the ‘net, say cyber-diplomats – only nations have tried

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The Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace (GCSC) is worried its guidance on preventing the internet and all it connects becoming a casualty of war is being misinterpreted.

The GCSC works to create global behavioural norms that hopefully find their way into the diplomatic documents that govern nation-states’ behaviour. The organisation does so because conventions governing kinetic warfare prohibit attacks on hospitals or schools, but many nations are yet to formalise recognition that information warfare could easily disrupt hospitals. The GCSC therefore wants nations to recognise that information warfare needs rules that match the intent of those governing kinetic conflict.

The Commission has had considerable success in those efforts, having defined eight norms. The first, the Norm on non-interference with the public core of the Internet, seeks to forbid attacks on the Domain Name System, DNSSEC, WHOIS information services, systems operated by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority and of Regional Internet Registries.

The norm also calls for “naming and

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