SSA-772220 V2.2 (Last Update: 2023-03-14): OpenSSL Vulnerabilities in Industrial Products


SIMATIC Process Historian is the long term archive system for SIMATIC PCS 7, SIMATIC WinCC and SIMATIC PCS neo. It stores process values, alarms and batch data of production plants in its database and offers historical process data to reporting and visualization applications.

SIMATIC RF600 Readers are used for the contactless identification of every kind of object, e.g. transport containers, pallets, production goods, or it can be generally used for recording goods in bulk.

RUGGEDCOM CROSSBOW is a secure access management solution designed to provide NERC CIP compliant access to Intelligent Electronic Devices.

SCALANCE LPE9000 (Local Processing Engine) extends the SCALANCE family portfolio by a component that provides computing power for a wide range of applications in the network, close to the process – Edge Computing.

SCALANCE M-800, MUM-800 and S615 as well as the RUGGEDCOM RM1224 are industrial routers.

SCALANCE S-600 devices (S602, S612, S623, S627-2M) are used to protect trusted industrial networks from untrusted networks. The S-600 devices are superseded by the SCALANCE SC-600 devices (SC622-2C, SC632-2C, SC636-2C, SC642-2C, SC646-2C), or the SCALANCE S615.

SCALANCE SC-600 devices (SC622-2C, SC626-2C, SC632-2C, SC636-2C, SC642-2C, SC646-2C) are used to protect trusted industrial networks from untrusted networks. They allow filtering incoming and outgoing network connections in different ways.


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