SSA-324955 V2.0 (Last Update: 2023-03-14): SAD DNS Attack in Linux Based Products


RUGGEDCOM RM1224 is a 4G ROUTER for wireless IP-communication from Ethernet based devices via LTE(4G)- mobile radio.

SCALANCE M-800, MUM-800 and S615 as well as the RUGGEDCOM RM1224 are industrial routers.

SCALANCE SC-600 devices (SC622-2C, SC626-2C, SC632-2C, SC636-2C, SC642-2C, SC646-2C) are used to protect trusted industrial networks from untrusted networks. They allow filtering incoming and outgoing network connections in different ways.

SCALANCE W1750D is an Access Point that supports IEEE 802.11ac standards for high-performance WLAN, and is equipped with two dual-band radios, which can provide access and monitor the network simultaneously.

SIMATIC Cloud Connect 7 is an IoT Gateway to connect programmable logic controllers to cloud services and enables the connection of field devices with OPC UA server Interface as OPC UA clients.

SIMATIC CP 1242-7 and CP 1243-7 LTE communications processors connect SIMATIC S7-1200 controllers to Wide Area Networks (WAN). They provide integrated security functions such as firewall, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and support of other protocols with data encryption.

SIMATIC CP 1243-8 IRC communications processors connect SIMATIC S7-1200 controllers via the SINAUT ST7 telecontrol protocol to a control center or master ST7 stations.

The SIMATIC CP 1543-1 and SIMATIC CP 1545-1 communication processor connects the S7-1500 controller to Ethernet networks. It provides integrated security functions such

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