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Hi, amazing hackers in this story you are gonna how to what is SQL injections and how to find them in different types.

SQL injection is also defined as SQLi, an attack scenario on an application web server database by executing malicious queries in the database which results in stealing of data, modification, and deletion of customers data.

Frankly speaking, this is the most dangerous vulnerability due to unsanitized or not proper validation input from users.

What is the acronym for the software that controls a database?


What is the name of the grid-like structure which holds the data?

Ans: table

SQL stands for Structured Query Language is used for querying the database to retrieve what information customers need with authenticated only. SQL has a list of commands that perform operations.

SQL query such as select, insert, drop, delete, create, and so on. Each command performs unique operations.


This command is used to retrieve data from the database.

select * from users;

It is used to select data from the users.


This command is used to combine the result

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