Spotlight: SIEMs suck. Panther is out to change that. 

In this Spotlight episode of the Security Ledger podcast, I interview Jack Naglieri, the CEO and founder of Panther, about the evolution of incident response, the failures of the current generation of SIEM technology and the growing need for what Naglieri terms “detection engineers” – security analysts who can use their coding skills to create fine grained detections.

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One of the biggest challenges for cybersecurity companies that charge to market promising to fight cybercriminals and other miscreants is that the landscape on which they battle is constantly changing. The ongoing parade of major breaches and cyber incidents is the proof of that.  And yet – as in kinetic wars – with each new incident, the seeds of the next generation of defenses and weaponry are sown. 

Lessons from the Yahoo! breach

Take our guest this week. Jack Naglieri is the CEO and co-founder of Panther, a company that is trying to reinvent the market for SIEM – Security Incident and Event Management – technology. The germ of the idea for the new company stemmed from Naglieri’s experience, early on, working in incident response at Yahoo! as that

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