Sony Reintroduced A PS4 Bug On PS5 Which Could Have Led To A Jailbreak

Image: Gonzalo Arroyo – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images

Hackers could have jailbroken the PlayStation 5 thanks to a bug that was already discovered and patched on the PlayStation 4 in 2021, but then reappeared on the new console.

The bug was found by security researcher Andy Nguyen, who goes by theflow0 and has been called a “famous PlayStation hacking god” by the video game website Kotaku. 


“I found it on the PS4 and then two years later on the PS5. It seems like their patch somehow got reverted when doing FreeBSD9 to FreeBSD11 migration,” Nguyen told Motherboard, referring to the Linux distribution that underpins the PlayStation’s operating system. 

“Imagine being so good at hacking that you find bugs in consoles that don’t exist”

Last year, Nguyen hinted that he had been able to jailbreak his PlayStation 5 by tweeting a picture of the console’s debug settings, which should only be accessible if the console is jailbroken. 

Jailbreaking a PlayStation allows the user to install emulators for other consoles, play pirated games, as well as unlock certain features that are not normally available. The disadvantages are that Sony may block a jailbroken console from using network features, preventing the user from playing online games.

On January 4 of this year, Nguyen reported the bug to Sony and wrote that he had already reported the same vulnerability in 2020, “when the PS5

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