SOC 2 Cost Guide

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The SOC 2 cost guide has been our most popular download every month since it was first released. It’s become highly popular because it outlines SOC 2 audit costs, certification costs, compliance costs, and savings from automation technology. Below you’ll find a spreadsheet table of SOC 2 costs that can guide your decision-making. 

How Much Does SOC 2 Cost?

TL;DR: The table below breaks down the cost of SOC 2. The cost to get compliant without Tugboat Logic covers typical consulting and audit fees in each category. Tugboat Logic pricing varies based on your company’s needs. Keep in mind, the number of Trust Services Criteria that apply to your organization may affect the final price with or without Tugboat Logic. For an even more detailed breakdown, make sure to read about the different phases below.

  SOC 2 Costs Explained

The total cost of SOC 2  can be broken down into three phases.


Phase 1: Risk Assessment (RA) 

Here, you’re

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