SOC 2 Bootcamp Part 1: Scoping and Auditor Selection

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You probably have customers asking you all the time if you’re SOC 2 compliant. You’re not yet, but you know it’s important. So you do a little Googling. Where do you start? Who needs to be involved? What’s required?

Can you relate to this scenario? Lots of organizations can! That’s why we put together a four-part SOC 2 bootcamp series, covering everything you need to know about the SOC 2 process. 

For this webinar series, we borrowed Bluth Company and Associates from Arrested Development. Monica works for Bluth Company and is in charge of getting their SaaS product, Banana Stand, SOC 2 compliant. 

In part one, Gus Fosarolli, Tugboat Logic’s Customer Success Manager and special guest Ryan Goodbary, Director of Risk, Assurance and Advisory Services at Armanino LLP, guide Monica and Bluth Company through scoping and auditor selection, covering:

Getting internal buy-in What to consider when selecting an auditor The auditor selection and onboarding process The 5 Trust Service Categories The scoping process Writing

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