Smartphones with MediaTek chips allow hackers to spy on users. New vulnerabilities discovered

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In their latest research, Check Point experts detail the discovery of multiple security flaws in the firmware of an audio processor installed in millions of smartphones whose exploitation would allow spying on affected users. According to the researchers, almost 40% of phones worldwide could be exposed to this flaw, which was corrected last month.

The vulnerability lies in the audio drivers of chips developed by MediaTek, present in hundreds of millions of mid-range and low-end devices. MediaTek’s chip system has multiple functions, including this digital signal processor, responsible for audio management and which has its own operation code and special registers.

During its research, Check Point was able to reverse engineer the firmware of this chip system, discovering that it was a FreeRTOS environment adapted with code to process audio and exchange messages with the Android operating system stack. This solution initiates multiple individual tasks, such as managing phone calls and using the microphone. The tests were conducted on a Xiaomi Redmi Note

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