Skybox Security unveils cyber risk quantification capabilities to help users prioritize critical threats

Skybox Security unveiled new automated cyber risk quantification capabilities. Leveraging its proprietary network modeling techniques, Skybox now quantifies the business impact of cyber risks into economic impact.

This new financial calculation enables customers to identify and prioritize the most critical threats based on the size of financial impact, among other risk analyses.

“Other industry solutions are only capable of secondary risk assessment based on asset importance. To develop an accurate risk calculation, you need the network modeling, exposure management, and path analysis that only Skybox can deliver,” said Gidi Cohen, CEO and Founder, Skybox Security. “Actual and timely risk reduction is how we ultimately define customer success. That can be achieved only with a proactive, risk-based approach to managing your security posture.”

Skybox Security continues to evolve its platform through new innovations and technology integrations to solve critical customer cybersecurity challenges. The new Skybox cyber risk quantification capabilities elevate the role of cybersecurity and enable CISOs to:

Prioritize critical cyber risks based on vulnerabilities that are exposed and exploited in the wild Target risk mitigation on the most significant risks with remediation options that go beyond patching Make data-driven decisions as they navigate the risks and opportunities of digital transformation Calculate ROI of cybersecurity budgets to validate investments and report on the financial impact

According to Forrester Research: “Even with unlimited budget and resources, it would be impossible and impractical for the security organization to address every single threat. The fast moving and evolving nature of cyberattacks

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