Situational Awareness: An Imperative for a Mature Cybersecurity Model

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The Human Factor

The human factor is, simultaneously, an organization’s most valuable asset and its greatest vulnerability. However, it can be developed into its strongest security control. It has been determined that 69% of breaches are the result of human error and, in those instances, a lack of situational awareness has been determined to be the number one cause of that human error. Even the most experienced people can lack situational awareness, especially when performing tasks that have become routine and are perceived as mundane.

Defining Situational Awareness

On the most basic level, situational awareness is about recognizing what is occurring in the environment and the implications of that activity for the present and the future. While this is reasonable and straightforward in a stable and simple situation, it can become a real challenge in the fast paced, complex and constantly changing threat environment of cybersecurity. In cybersecurity, where volatility, uncertainty, chaos and ambiguity are more the rule, situational awareness is especially relevant and

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