Singapore tweaks cybersecurity strategy with OT emphasis

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Singapore has tweaked its cybersecurity strategy to beef up its focus on operational technology (OT), offering a new competency framework to provide guidance on skillsets and technical competencies required for OT industry sectors. The revised national cybersecurity roadmap also looks to bolster the overall cybersecurity posture and foster international cyber cooperation. 

The 2021 cybersecurity strategy also would build on efforts to safeguard Singapore’s critical information infrastructure (CII) and other digital infrastructure, said Cyber Security Agency (CSA). The government organization said it would work with CII operators to beef up the cybersecurity of OT systems where cyber attacks could pose physical and economic risks.

CSA defines OT systems to include industrial control, building management, and traffic light control systems that encompass monitoring or changing “the physical state of a system”, such as controlling railway systems. 

“Many OT systems are historically designed to be standalone and not connected to the Internet or external networks. However, with the introduction of new digital

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