Simplifying SLO and Error Budget tracking for SRE teams

Service level objectives (SLOs), and the subsequent service level indicators (SLIs) are the foundation to establishing a strong SRE culture and how they promote accountability, trust and timely innovation. We are on a mission to simplify SLO and Error Budget tracking and with that aim in mind, we have added the SLO Tracker feature to the Squadcast platform. SLO Tracker seeks to provide a simple and effective way to keep track of your error budget burn rate without the hassle of configuring and aggregating multiple data sources.

Reliability metrics and their importance

We live in a world with the need to always be operational. Hence, consumers have high expectations of the products they use. Speed, high availability, reliability and ease of use, the consumers want it all. Hence, it has become all the more important for businesses to keep track of promises they make to their consumers and find reliable ways to measure how they are doing in terms of keeping those promises. This is where the reliability metrics come into the picture. Let’s understand those first,

Service level agreements (SLAs): An SLA is an agreement between the service provider and customer about service deliverables.

Service level objectives (SLOs): They are an objective measure of your product’s performance goals that your team must meet.

Service level indicators (SLIs): It is a metric that determines whether your SLOs are being met.

These metrics are aimed at answering,

How available are your systems?How quickly can your team respond to system failures?What promises can you make about speed and functionality?Challenges with SLOs

An error budget is

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