Short Takes – 2-2-23

Dangerous Fungi Are Spreading Across U.S. as Temperatures Rise. article. Pull quote: ““We keep saying these fungi are rare, but this must be the most common rare disease because they’re now everywhere,” Dr. Spec said.”

Kid-edited journal pushes scientists for clear writing on complex topics. article. Pull quote: “Dense language sends a message “that science is for scientists; that you have to be an ‘intellectual’ to read and understand scientific literature; and that science is not relevant or important for everyday life,” according to a paper published last year in Advances in Physiology Education.”

AI model accurately classifies reaction mechanisms. article. Pull quote: “Marwin Segler from Microsoft Research AI4Science calls the work ‘a fantastic demonstration of how machine learning can help creative scientists to unravel nature and solve hard chemical problems’. ‘We need better tools like this to discover novel reactions to make new drugs and materials and make chemistry greener,’ he says. ‘It also highlights how powerful simulations can be to train AI algorithms, and we can expect to see more of that.’”

How arming Ukraine is stretching the US defence industry. article. Extended supply chains provide multiple supply bottlenecks. “Ramping up production of the Javelins, Himars and the Guided Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (GMLRS) it fires is complex and time-consuming. Detailed mapping of the supply chains for each by the Financial Times reveals a sprawling network: Himars and GMLRS are assembled in factories across 141 different US cities, while Javelins are built in 16

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