Seven email management tips for organizing your inbox and boosting productivity

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With so much of your life spent on the internet, an organized inbox isn’t just a matter of being tidy — it’s about being productive and focusing your attention on tasks that really matter. The average office worker receives around 121 emails and sends 40 each day, leading to unnecessary distractions and dips in concentration. It can take more than 23 minutes to reorient yourself after reading and responding to an email. 

Since emails can sap your cognitive resources and decrease your efficiency, consider introducing these seven tips to your daily email routine to keep your head clear and inbox organized.

Tip one: Use custom folders and labels

Most email providers are equipped with advanced sorting capabilities, such as custom folders and labels that enable you to group your emails into different categories. Sorting your emails into folders declutters your inbox and makes it easier to locate a specific thread. Some email providers even allow you to create parent folders and subfolders to refine

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