SEON Technologies Interview with Tamas Kadar

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1.What has your journey to your current job been?

The past few years have been quite the ride that keeps on going.

In the beginning my co-founder and I were interested in entering the crypto market and starting our first fiat exchange platform for Central and Eastern Europe.

Unfortunately our attempts were obstructed by the fact that our digital safety fell victim to fraudsters who quickly found a way to crawl through inadequate security measures. Needless to say, there were no viable security measures or alternative software solutions to secure our crypto platform.

Thus came the idea that if something doesn’t work, we are the ones who have to take action.

The solution we came up with was to effectively secure certain digital assets from fraudsters and expand it into a viable business. This is what led us to create SEON Technologies and channel its growth to this very day.

The biggest milestones of this journey were the competitions, clients and investment rounds we’ve

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