Security Strategy for the Blockchain

Ari Redbord is the head of legal and government affairs at TRM Labs, the leading blockchain intelligence company in the industry. Prior to joining TRM, Redbord was the senior adviser to the deputy secretary and the undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence at the US Treasury. In that position, Redbord worked with teams from the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) and other Treasury components to use sanctions and other regulatory tools effectively to safeguard the financial system from illicit use by terrorist financiers, weapons of mass destruction proliferators, drug kingpins, and other rogue actors, including Iran, Syria, North Korea and Venezuela.

Redbord has also worked closely with regulators, the Hill and the interagency on issues related to the Bank Secrecy Act, cryptocurrency and anti-money laundering strategies. Prior to Treasury, Redbord was an Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Columbia for eleven years where he investigated and prosecuted terrorism, espionage, threat finance, cryptocurrency, export control, child exploitation and human trafficking cases.

After 15 years in the government, Redbord made an extraordinary leap toward cryptocurrency startup. He spent his career focusing on building a safer financial system for billions of people, working closely with law enforcement and acting as a tracing tool in the cryptocurrency space. This is the mission at TRM.

We do not seize cryptocurrency wallets or cryptocurrency itself. People ask all the time, what do I think happened there? And really, I chalked it up to

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