Securing Healthcare Systems

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Dan Bowden is the CISO at Sentara Health, a 130-year-old health care provider with a team of 30,000 people delivering quality healthcare across 12 hospitals. Bowden’s focus has been on building secure digital environments for new mobile apps, telehealth platform implementations and integrating these Electronic Health Record system patient member portals, as well as migrating Sentara systems to cloud infrastructure as a service and platform as a service environments and leveraging leading technologies to maximize efficiency and safety.

According to a recent report, 92 ransomware attacks occurred at healthcare organizations in the past year, a 470% increase from 2019. In responding to questions about improving the integrity of healthcare systems, Bowden explains why we’re lagging so far behind in healthcare security.

It’s because of how the data is managed, data standards, data integrity. And in healthcare, I learned early on, even in health systems that might use the same platforms for patient and health information, that did not mean there was any kind

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