Secure Code Warrior partners with AWS to enhance developer-led security

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Developer-led security has received a much-needed elevation due to a strategic partnership between Secure Code Warrior and AWS, with enterprises now able to ensure enhanced cloud security and compliance.

Secure Code Warrior is now a part of the AWS Global Startup Program, in addition to being listed on the AWS Marketplace. This partnership is advantageous for both AWS and Secure Code Warrior’s customers as it fulfils the need for security to be intrinsic to a developer’s workflow and central to a company’s culture—meeting the growing market demand and increasing requirements to stop application vulnerabilities from day one.

Vikram Ghosh, Senior Vice President of Strategic Alliances at Secure Code Warrior, said the increased backing from AWS will support the business to accelerate its global growth, particularly across North America, and provide customers with the tools they need to be secure in the cloud as cybersecurity becomes critical to companies moving their entire operations to this platform.

“Customers of Secure Code Warrior now know that while

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