Scammers began to call Russians from numbers of relatives

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Fraudsters can steal the personal numbers of Russians and use them for several days, including carrying out targeted attacks on relatives of the victim.

Telephone scammers can use the personal numbers of Russians for several days until their owners suspect something was wrong. At the same time, attackers can carry out targeted attacks by substituting a person’s number, told RIA Novosti at the strategic digital risk management company Bi.Zone.

“Personal numbers of Russians are used by malefactors on average for one or two days. In the case of organizations, the period can be up to one week. During this period, a lot of fraudulent calls can be made from them, while the owners of the numbers will not suspect third-party use, ”the message says.

The company clarified that cybercriminals use specialized applications to carry out telephone attacks.

Attackers can, on behalf of the victim, ask his family and friends to transfer money into debt or to find out sensitive information. Such a scheme can also be used for special pranks

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