SAP under attack: Be aware of the gap

Christoph Aschauer, Director, LogPoint for SAP

SAP is a market leader in enterprise application software and is used by 92% of Forbes Global 2000 companies. This includes organizations distributing 78% of the world’s food and 82% of the world’s medical devices. SAP systems hold large amounts of sensitive personal data in Enterprise Resource Planning, Human Capital Management, Sales, SRM, and CRM, and other modules of the system.

In many ways, an SAP system could be described as the carrier of intellectual property and the secrets of success to an organization, which are foundational for delivering its products and services. SAP is also a vital tool in business planning, manufacturing in ERP, Product Lifecycle Management, Business Intelligence, Material Management, and more. This stresses the need to protect SAP systems from cyberattacks and cybercriminals.

Due to the widespread use of SAP around the globe, and the sensitive data it manages for organizations across industries, it is an attractive target. Analyzing SAP threat vectors and the associated threat

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