Samsung has a plan to lock down all of the smart devices in your house

Samsung’s Knox has a reputation for being a defense-grade security system that protects smartphones, locks down their files, and separates personal data from work data. The company is taking that security a step further — several steps, actually — with the announcement of Samsung Knox Matrix. 

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Knox Matrix wants to lock down all of the devices in your home, from your smartphone to your laptop to your air purifier to your vacuum cleaner to refrigerator to your other smart appliances. It’s going to start with Samsung devices — since Samsung makes all the devices just mentioned — but the vision is to connect other partner devices in a cross-platform network as well. And, Samsung will do it by creating a private blockchain in your house, using technology similar to what secures Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Samsung security leader, Shin Baik, sat down with ZDNET for an exclusive interview at CES 2023 to talk about where Samsung intends to take Knox Matrix and why it’s chosen to give it such an ambitious mission.

Baik said that there are three aspects to Knox Matrix:

1. Trust Chain — A private blockchain of trusted devices in your home will create a network and they will form a system that helps alert you when one of the devices is outdated, at risk, or has been compromised so that the rest of the devices can be protected.

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