Samsung admits data breach of a number of customers (second time in 2022)

South Korean tech giant Samsung has admitted that cybercriminals have gained access to the data of a number of customers. Thus, this is already the second cyber incident in 2022, the victims of which were the systems of the famous corporation.

“At the end of July 2022, unauthorized third parties gained access to information stored on Samsung systems in the United States. On August 4, during the course of our investigation, we found out that the personal data of a number of customers had been compromised, ” Samsung writes in an official statement.

The tech giant also noted that the affected data included names, contact information, residential details, dates of birth, and company product registration details.

Separately, the corporation emphasized that the cyber incident did not affect social security numbers, as well as information about bank cards. At the moment, Samsung cannot say exactly how many users have been affected by cybercriminals.

In addition, it is not clear who exactly was behind the attack and why it took almost a month for Samsung representatives to speak publicly about the incident. The corporation notified all users and assured them that the specialists took all necessary measures to protect the systems as much as possible.

In addition, affected customers have been warned of possible social engineering attacks, as cybercriminals now have the data they need to do so.

Recall that in February it became known about the mistake of the South Korean corporation: Samsung delivered 100 million smartphones with problematic data

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