S3 Ep100.5: Uber breach – an expert speaks [Audio + Text]



With Paul Ducklin and Chester Wisniewski

Intro and outro music by Edith Mudge.

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DUCK.  Hello, everybody.

Welcome to this special mini-episode of the Naked Security podcast.

My name is Paul Ducklin, and I’m joined today by my friend and colleague Chester Wisniewski.

Chester, I thought we should say something about what has turned into the big story of the week… it’ll probably be the big story of the month!

I’ll just read you the headline I used on Naked Security:

“UBER HAS BEEN HACKED, boasts hacker – how to stop it happening to you.”


Tell us all about it….

CHET.  Well, I can confirm that the cars are still driving.

I’m coming to you from Vancouver, I’m downtown, I’m looking out the window, and there’s actually an Uber sitting outside the window…

DUCK.  It hasn’t been there all day?

CHET.  No, it hasn’t. [LAUGHS]

If you press the button to hail a car inside the app, rest assured: at the moment, it appears that you will actually have someone come and give you a

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