Russian secret service arrests members of hacker group REvil

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The Russian secret service FSB has carried out several raids on members of the infamous hacker group REvil. The police seized 426 million rubles, as well as twenty very expensive cars. The raids and searches took place at the request of the US government. The suspects will not be transferred to the US.

That write the Russian news agency TASS and the American news agency Reuters.

This is what you need to know about REvil

Anyone who keeps up with the latest developments in the world of cybercrime and cybersecurity is sure to know the name REvil. It is a Russian hacker group that has been targeting Western companies and organizations with ransomware since 2019. In doing so, they copy confidential and sensitive information and lock the original files with ransomware. Once victims pay the ransom, they are given the decryption key to remove the lock.

Last year, the hacker collective carried out attacks with ransomware against, among others, meat producer JBS and ICT service provider Kaseya. The ransomware attack on Kaseya also suffered casualties in our country. Money exchange office Travelex and hardware producer Acer have already fallen prey to the Russian hacker group. Overall, REvil is responsible for thousands of ransomware attacks and infecting hundreds of millions of computers, security experts say.

Russians seize computers and luxury cars

The many cyber-attacks on American targets have disappointed US President Joe Biden. He spoke to his Russian colleague President Vladimir Putin about this several times. He demanded that he act against hackers who carried out digital attacks on American

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