Russian hackers target NATO countries more often

Russian state hackers are increasingly attacking targets outside Ukraine. Since the outbreak of war in the neighbouring country, Russian hackers have attacked 128 organizations in 42 countries. The main target was the United States, but various NATO countries were also victims of cyber attacks from Russia.

That writes Brad Smith, president and vice president of Microsoft, in a blog.

The role of technology in current wars

One of his conclusions is that technology plays a greater role than ever in modern warfare. “Countries are waging wars using the latest technology, and the wars themselves are accelerating technological change. It is therefore important to continuously evaluate the influence of the war on the development and use of technology,” said the CEO.

The Russian cyberwarfare, Smith said, consists of three parts: (1) carrying out devastating cyber attacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure, (2) penetrating and stealing sensitive data outside Ukraine, and (3) influencing public opinion, both domestically. as outside.

The international community should not be misled and look to “accurate data” to see how it can stand up to the threat of Russian state hackers. To this end, the American hardware and software company has listed the most important lessons of the past few months.

NATO countries increasingly target Russian hackers

By the end of April, two months after the invasion of the first Russian tanks, Russian state hackers had already carried out hundreds of cyber attacks, Microsoft reported at the time. The Cyclops Blink malware attack on Ukraine’s critical infrastructure and the attack on satellite network KA-SAT are

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