Russian hackers attack Lithuania over railway blockade

Russian hackers have carried out a DDoS attack on Lithuania. The cyber attack is a direct result of the blockade of the railway line between Moscow and Kaliningrad, Russian territory surrounded by Lithuania and Poland. The perpetrators warn that the attacks will continue until the railway blockade is lifted.

Killnet, a Russian hacker group with close ties to the Kremlin, told Reuters news agency.

Russia furious over transport ban on Russian goods

Since the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the EU and NATO are pulling out all the stops to convince President Putin to end the invasion. To encourage the Russian president to do so, various sanction packages have been handed out. Recently, the EU member states decided that most Russian goods can no longer be transported by rail.

This measure came into effect last week, against the sore leg of President Putin. He sees it as a provocation from the West. As a result of this sanction, goods can no longer be transported to Kaliningrad by rail. Kaliningrad is a so-called exclave: a piece of (Russian) territory that is enclosed by other countries. Rail is the most targeted way to supply this region from the Russian capital: half of all goods received by Kaliningrad arrive by rail.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov was furious and called the EU’s decision a blockade. In response, he said last week that Russia “reserves the right to take action to defend its national interests”.

The transport ban on Russian goods via Europe will be extended further in the coming months. Concrete and alcohol may no longer be transported

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