Russia has already carried out hundreds of cyber attacks on Ukraine

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Even before the start of the war in Ukraine, Russian state hackers harassed Ukrainian targets. At least six hacker groups with close ties to the Kremlin are responsible for hundreds of cyber attacks. It concerns at least 237 attacks. These threaten not only the Ukrainian government, but also the well-being of citizens.

This is according to research by Microsoft.

Crippling vital infrastructure

The American hardware and software company released a report on Russian cyber attacks on Ukraine on Wednesday. The company says it believes it is important to share the research results with the world so that the international community and policymakers know what is happening. And can defend against it.

Just before the first Russian tanks entered Ukraine, Russian state hackers were already active to bombard Ukrainian targets with cyber attacks. According to Microsoft, the perpetrators – hackers with close ties to the Kremlin – carried out at least 237 digital attacks against Ukraine.

Not only did the attackers try to paralyze government services and vital infrastructure, but there are also examples where espionage and the spreading of disinformation played the main role. Its purpose was to undermine confidence in the Ukrainian government. Microsoft also saw “limited espionage activities” involving NATO member states. The technology company does not specify which countries are involved.

This is how the Russian state hackers work

The Russian cyber attacks were not carried out randomly. Microsoft argues that it was based on strong coordination and planning. As an example, the researchers cite a cyber attack on a major Ukrainian broadcaster. This was carried out on

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