RSA: Cisco launches SASE, offers roadmap for other cloud-based services

Cisco made a variety of security upgrades at the RSA Conference designed to move security operation to the cloud, improve its Secure Access Service Edge offering and offer new simplified security end point control.

The biggest piece of the Cisco roll out was a new overarching security platform called the Cisco Security Cloud will include unified management and policies, and offer open APIs to help grow a multivendor security ecosystem. 

Cisco defines the  Security Cloud as a “multi-year strategic vision for the future of security.” It is an ongoing journey that began several years ago and Cisco will continue delivering upon the key tenets of this vision with a consistent roadmap. The cloud will be made up of existing products like Umbrella and offerings from Duo, other features will be developed in the future.

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While the specifics of that roadmap are a little vague, the design goal of the Security Cloud is to sit horizontally as a layer on top of the infrastructure across a customer’s cloud services—the major ones being Azure, AWS and GCP and then they probably have some level of private data center—to protect all of the core applications, said TK Keanini, CTO of Cisco Secure. “The goal of the Security Cloud is to that there’s no lock-in meaning if the customer were to buy a security service that was native to one of those compute storage vendors, it

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