Robinhood Data Breach – Hackers access millions of users’ data

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Robinhood data breach involved social engineering attack in which hackers called a customer service staff member and somehow gained access to the support system.

A widely used stock trading app, Robinhood, has confirmed suffering a major data breach “late in the evening of November 3.” According to Robinhood, hackers could access data of 7 million users, which account for almost one-third of its overall user base.

The commission-free investment platform stated that it is currently investigating the incident and notifying impacted users.

It is worth noting that Robinhood also suffered a data breach last year where around 2,000 of its accounts were compromised, and customer accounts were looted. At that time, the trading firm couldn’t respond as proactively to the attack as it has now. It asserts that the attack has been contained and sensitive data is not leaked.

What Happened?

The Menlo Park-based financial platform revealed in an official statement released on Monday that the attacker

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