Risk Reimagined: What It Means to Us at LogicGate

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Forrester recently named LogicGate a “strong performer” in its Forrester Wave™ 2021 GRC report. One of the things that I found encouraging about this achievement is that Forrester highlighted our potential.

According to the report, “If LogicGate can execute its aggressive product roadmap,” it has “the potential to differentiate and compete with the larger players both on capabilities and strategy.”

That is what I want to talk about in this post, our commitment to that potential. We want to reimagine risk so that everyone sees it as we do: a strategic advantage, not just asset protection.

So what does that actually mean? Here at LogicGate, we aim to:

Help you risk smarter. Jon, Dan, and I founded LogicGate with a vision to bring a modern and nimble solution to the GRC space—helping organizations reimagine how they approach risk. This vision is why we have put all our efforts into building our flexible, easy-to-use Risk Cloud platform that helps our customers be agile as they

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