Right Wingers Try To Spin DNS Traffic Logged As Intercepting Emails

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Image: Mario Tama/Getty Images

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Right-wing media outlets like Fox News and the Washington Examiner are pushing a narrative that the Hillary Clinton campaign tried to “infiltrate” and hack Donald Trump and his presidential campaign in 2016. 


Trump has picked up on this, saying the people responsible for this deserve to be punished by death. Fox News host Tucker Carlson seized on the story in his show Tuesday night as a way to prove that Trump was right all along in his claims that Hillary Clinton was spying on his campaign, and that Rodney Joffe, an executive at tech company Neustar, intercepted internet traffic including emails and text messages. 

This is all being called the “Durham Filing” by right-leaning news outlets and politicians, and is, like many other scandals in this saga, being decried as the biggest political scandal of all time that the left-wing media is ignoring in an attempt to bury the truth. Taking these arguments in good faith, this narrative is still based on a misunderstanding of how the tech involved in this alleged scandal actually works, according to cybersecurity experts.

On Sunday, Fox News published an article citing a court filing in a case against former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann, which is part of the investigation by John Durham, a special counsel appointed by Trump

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