Researchers Find ‘Digital Crime Haven’ While Investigating Magecart Activity

Cybercriminals engaged in one form of criminal activity can sometimes have their hands in a wide range of other nefarious campaigns as well, as researchers recently discovered when analyzing the infrastructure associated with a fresh iteration of a Magecart skimmer.

Magecart is a notorious — and constantly evolving — syndicate of multiple groups that specializes in placing card skimmers on e-commerce sites to steal payment card information. Over the years, groups belonging to the syndicate have executed numerous — sometimes massive — heists of card information from websites, including those belonging to major companies like TicketMaster and British Airways.

Researchers from Malwarebytes recently observed a threat actor deploying a payment card skimmer — based on a framework called mr.SNIFFA — on multiple e-commerce sites. mr.SNIFFA is a service that generates Magecart scripts that threat actors can dynamically deploy to steal credit and debit card information from users paying for purchases on e-commerce websites. The malware is known for employing various obfuscation methods and tactics like steganography to load its payment card stealing code onto unsuspecting target websites.

Sprawling Crime Haven

Their investigation of the infrastructure used in the campaign led to the discovery of a sprawling network of other malicious activities — including cryptocurrency scams, forums for selling malicious services, and stolen credit card numbers — that appeared linked to the same actor. 

“Where one criminal service ends, another one begins — but often times they are linked,” said Jerome Segura, director of threat intelligence at Malwarebytes, in a

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