Report: Digital Supply Chain Breaches Impact 98% of Organizations

Supply chain security breaches are not likely to go away anytime soon and appear to be getting worse, according to a newly released survey of executives at more than 2,000 enterprises.

BlueVoyant on Thursday reported that its third annual global survey on cyber risk management found that almost all enterprises experience cybersecurity breaches in their digital supply chain. The survey results found an increasing supply chain risk, with 98% of respondents reported having been negatively impacted by a cybersecurity breach in their supply chain – slightly worse than the 97% who reported that in 2021. 

The study included 2,100 chief information officers (CIO), chief security officers (CSO), chief operating officers (COO), chief procurement officers (CPO), and chief technical officers (CTO) across a range of industries ranging from business, finance, defense, health care, manufacturing, energy, and utilities in UK, USA, Canada, APAC, Singapore, and five European countries.

Episode 216: Signed, Sealed and Delivered: The Future of Supply Chain Security

Forty percent of respondents reported that they still rely on their suppliers for adequate security, a major pain point in managing cyber risks. Other persistent challenges include:

 The lack of internal understanding that the third-party suppliers are a prominent part of the organizations’ security infrastructure. Meeting the necessary regulatory requirements and ensuring third-party cybersecurity compliance.  For many: supply chains lengthen

The study revealed that a greater percentage of companies (38% in 2022) said supply chain cyber risk was not on their radar. Still, organizations have increased the use of technology to understand

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