Replicating Behaviors

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Tina Packer, the Founding Artistic Director of Shakespeare & Company in Lennox, Massachusetts, once said “OK, you start the scene crying, but you’re clearly not feeling sad right now, are you? So what do we do when we’re not feeling the emotion we need to be for a scene? We breathe and fake it until it starts actually happening.” And she was right on. In fact, that actor was crying within seconds, just by breathing and copying the non-verbal behaviors of weeping. This is an extreme example. Tina is a very highly regarded teacher and director, and the person weeping was a classically trained actor. However, the idea still worked. Replicating behaviors led to having the palpable experience.

As social engineers interacting with people on adversarial simulation engagements, or even in our daily lives, it is important to understand how we are affecting the people we encounter. While a social engineer won’t generally need anything as intense as Tina’s example, there is value to the

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