Reimagining Risk Cloud

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It’s no secret that the amount of change we’ve collectively experienced over the last 18 months has significantly impacted the environment in which you, as risk and compliance professionals, do your jobs. But these changes bring new opportunities and showcase the critical impact that you all can have on your organizations. 

As one LogicGate employee Danny Hartman says, “it’s a great day to be in GRC,” and here at LogicGate, we firmly believe that. Below are some highlights from our recent product showcase presentation during the Agility 2021 conference.

With New Risks

The acceleration of digital transformation due to COVID-19 is creating new risks entirely. We’ve gone from paper-based processes to spreadsheets and now have cloud hosting platforms and the ever-growing list of purpose-built SaaS solutions. There is a proliferation of data in systems, with third parties and fourth parties that have access to data from your organization and your customers.

Come New Opportunities

New opportunities such as data that informs your risk and compliance

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