Reimagining Agility 2021: Pivoting Plans During a Pandemic

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Planning a conference takes a LONG time—we started planning for our 2021 customer conference, Agility, in the summer of 2020. I remember thinking back then that people may still be apprehensive about traveling but that COVID-19 would no longer be a public health crisis by September of 2021 (boy, was I wrong!!). We surveyed our customers to better understand their ability and desire to travel and after reviewing their feedback, we decided a hybrid event would best serve the needs of all of our audiences. From the beginning, it was about providing a fantastic experience for our customers, future customers, partners, and the LogicGate team that exceeded their expectations regardless of where they were located. 

That meant that we had to plan two whole and distinct experiences: one in person, one virtual. And then make sure there was consistency and cohesion between the two—ambitious and complicated is an understatement! 

Many factors were high priority: 

Accommodating the speaker needs and ability to travel had to

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