Red Teaming: Stay Safe in Cyberworld

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Are you interested in an IT infrastructure audit? Then, you might have heard of ethical hackers. These specialists are into monitoring the vulnerabilities found on the website, network, IoT. They check out the weak sides that may be exploited by the real hackers. Quite frequently, in the process of penetration testing, the cybersecurity professionals offer a sort of roleplay. Red Team of attackers against Blue Team of defenders. You definitely need Red Teaming if you don’t want to be red-handed.

Game is worth the candle

Imagine you own an enterprise or run a business. Your security service works quite well. You never forget to monitor employees and even launch video surveillance. You claim to have been protected at all the levels. But what if the hacker has already discovered your website, server or network? He should be reconnoitering the ground. In our experience, in case a cybercriminal is interested in you, he will find a way to hack you. In this instance, even a wonderful IT department

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