Rational Marketing in Cybersecurity


An interesting piece by James Bone for which we are, as always grateful – James has an active mind and is constantly trying to satisfy his intellectual curiosity – the key takeaway for marketers from the dilemma of choice faced by their prospect personas from my point of view is an invitation to add true value.

The issues James cites around choice are very real and in particular how your product will impact workload, both up and downstream, enhance performance for the business and operations, affect technical debt, improve your overall security posture and impact your customers’ ability to maintain sustainable practices around it.

A focused brand story supported by a well-thought-out positioning and messaging platform will enable you as marketers to address these issues in ways that your prospect wants to hear and within a controllable context – as opposed to your sales force struggling with technical debt objections, for instance.

That brand story needs to validate your leadership position in the segment/category and cause your prospects to do a double-take on your headline. All of which you should do in advance of your go-to-market, so your qualifying teams can be optimally effective and as always, we are happy to help.

Here is James’s post:

Selecting Solutions

Recently, while shopping for groceries, I strolled down the aisles for a protein supplement to add to my diet. The grocery store that I visited had one aisle dedicated to supplements and over half of the aisle, on both sides,

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