Rapid7’s 2022 Vulnerability Intelligence Report

Last updated at Tue, 28 Feb 2023 17:35:54 GMT

Each year, the research team at Rapid7 analyzes thousands of vulnerabilities in order to identify their root causes, broaden understanding of attacker behavior, and provide actionable intelligence that guides security professionals at critical moments. Our annual Vulnerability Intelligence Report examines notable vulnerabilities and high-impact attacks from 2022 to highlight trends that drive significant risk for organizations of all sizes.

Today, we’re excited to release Rapid7’s 2022 Vulnerability Intelligence Report—a deep dive into 50 of the most notable vulnerabilities our research team investigated throughout the year. The report offers insight into critical vulnerabilities, widespread threats, prominent attack surface area, and changing exploitation trends.  

2022 attack trends

The threat landscape today is radically different than it was even a few years ago. Over the past three years, we’ve seen zero-day exploits and widespread attacks chart a meteoric rise that’s strained security teams to their breaking point and beyond. While 2022 saw a modest decline in zero-day and widespread exploitation from 2021’s record highs, the multi-year trend of rising attack speed and scale remains strikingly consistent overall.

Report findings include:

Widespread exploitation of new vulnerabilities decreased 15% year over year in 2022, but mass exploitation events were still the norm. Our 2022 vulnerability intelligence dataset tracks 28 net-new widespread threats, many of which were used to deploy webshells, cryptocurrency miners, botnet malware, and/or ransomware on target systems. Zero-day exploitation remained a significant challenge for security teams, with

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