Ransomware Costs City of Quincy, Illinois, $650,000

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No Evidence of Data Being Stolen From Affected Systems Mihir Bagwe • May 27, 2022     Mayor Mike Troup, R-Quincy, Illinois in Tuesday’s press conference. (Source: Muddy River News YouTube Channel)

The City of Quincy, Illinois’ administrative systems were hit by a ransomware attack on May 7, confirms Mayor Mike Troup in a press conference held on Tuesday.

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In response, the city council passed a resolution authorizing emergency payment of more than $145,000 for cybersecurity consulting services and an unspecified amount, which is less than $500,000 for paying the ransom.

“The entire package which includes the fees of the three cybersecurity consulting firms and the payment towards getting a specific decryption key is $650,000,” Troup stated in the press conference.

The ransomware attack affected the administrative office emails and phones, the communication systems of the police and fire departments along with the Quincy Public Library as the library services are hosted on the City Hall servers, Troup says.

Troup says that it doesn’t appear that any data was exfiltrated. He says: “It’s remarkable how we are still able to function our critical services with the city like water, recycling, thrash [sewage plants], police and fire departments, through the entire [cyber incident] situation.”

Timeline of Events

In Tuesday’s press conference, Troup discussed the exact timeline of how the cyber incident unfolded, starting with the initial disruption on

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